Hurricanes, Metatopia, Spam Bombs and a Fae Noir Comic?

Friday, November 09th, 2012 | Author:

First, I’d like to apologize for disappearing. I think the spambots got lonely in my absence. We had some tech issues with the site, then there was a hurricane and this past week we had a spambot explosion! Oh noes!

Green Fairy Games was supposed to attend Metatopia, a newish designer-focused convention in New Jersey from the fine people at DexCon and Dreamation. Unfortunately, it fell on the weekend after Hurricane Sandy and, as I think most people know, that was a very difficult time for the NY/NJ area. Nothing bad happened to the GFG homestead, but it made it impossible for me to get to the actual convention.

On the Fae Noir front, I’m still working on the 2nd edition (which will now include a revamp of the damage/health system in addition to Moxie Points, an expanded role for Personality Flaws and some expanded social Skills). However, that’s been on the back burner for some time now as I work on New Game (discussed in the next post).

That said, I was recently approached by a friend in comics distribution who asked that I put together, essentially, a pitch for FN as a comic series. I hadn’t really considered it as an option before – I’m more of a long-form fiction writer – but I think it can work and I have an idea for the first six issues (what you need to produce for a pitch, basically). There’s nothing for sure at this point, I haven’t even gotten past the outline stage, but it’s exciting. Extremely exciting. There might eventually be a Fae Noir comic?

That would be weird.

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