GenCon and CandyCreeps Reprint

Monday, July 30th, 2012 | Author:


OMFG, GenCon is only two(ish) weeks away. This year’s adventure for Epic: Gods & Heroes promises to be full of the best kind of Viking madness based on our playtesting. It’ll be good to get the beta-testing phase over after this year’s convention so that we can finish the game up and get it produced for next year’s convention season.

The writing process for Epic has been very different from what I experienced when doing Fae Noir and I’ll go into that in later posts. I will say that it has challenged some of my beliefs about gameplay and player experience/habits.

Regardless, I’m excited to see my GenCon “homies” and doing True Dungeon.

In other exciting news, CandyCreeps has been reprinted (soon to be available in hardcopy at IPR) and is currently available in pdf on DriveThruRPG. Check it out!

Site is still under semi-construction. But this is much better!

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