Fae Noir Comic Artist Search Begins

Thursday, April 25th, 2013 | Author:

As we begin the search for an artist for the Fae Noir comic, I thought I would post a description of the comic and what we’re looking for here so that interested parties can see it. If this describes you and you’re interested, please contact me. If it describes someone you know, please send them over!

Set in a 1920s where the fae returned with a vengeance at the height of the Great War, Fae Noir follows the adventures of goblin private detective Nero Vermicelli and his associates Franklin Jefferson, Agatha Whately and albino troll Darby Gonnall. Magic, bootleggers, hardboiled detectives and the creatures of fairy sharing the jazz age in New York City.

The initial comics arc follows Nero and crew after they accidentally kill a man who was already dead and are framed for his murder. It also looks at Nero’s experience in the Great War and what made him (and Darby) leave the warm embrace of Arcadia.

Since this series is, essentially, urban fantasy in the 1920s, artists need to be comfortable with semi-accurately depicting the clothes/look/cars of the time as well as be able to draw dragons, trolls, medieval clothing/armor/weapons and similar.

Art style could be comic-booky, more realistic, or influenced by art of the appropriate period like Art Deco or the work of Mucha. It’s important that the art not be too stylized or cartoony.

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